Brave Potatoes

by Toby Speed and Barry Root, 2000

Guest Reviewer: PHILIP NEL

A book starring potatoes illustrated by Barry Root. Yep, that's really his name.

Potatoes never sleep. Potatoes have no eyelids.

Cruelty to vegetables!

Chef Hackemup is one crazed vegetable-killer. Will nothing stop him?

Potatoes, nature's daredevils.

FAVORITE LINE IN THE BOOK: But potatoes never listen. / Potatoes have no ears.

See, ma, it's just like I told you: These vegetables are revolting.

Gives a whole new meaning to, "I'll have the chef's special."

Vegetables of the world, unite!

Vive la revolution!

No chefs were killed in the making of this book. See? He's just a little wet. The soup was merely damp, and not boiling hot. You didn't really see clouds of steam a few pages back. That was just your imagination. Honest.

WHY CHILDREN WILL LIKE IT: Confirms their suspicions about vegetables.