Tooters, Tweeters, Strings and Beaters

By Allen L. Richardson and Art Seiden, 1964

Guest Reviewer - Maurice Cooney, age 9

 WHO IS THIS BOOK FOR? Awesome people like me who are in Band.

I WAS EXCITED WHEN: I saw the WOOD BLOCK, my instrument. Take that Marci!

THE BEST PART WAS WHEN: Jumpy the Rabbit played the trumpet. I didn't know rabbits cared for brass instruments.

WHAT DID YOU LEARN FROM THIS BOOK? The poem about Marci's instrument, the RECORDER, was kind of lame.

DID YOU LEARN ANYTHING ELSE? It's really hard to come up with a poem about the TRIANGLE.

IF THERE IS ONE THING YOU COULD TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THIS BOOK WHAT WOULD IT BE? Looking at the endpapers... playing music makes you go blind. 

WHAT IS THE MESSAGE OF THIS BOOK? The WOOD BLOCK is a legitimate instrument. Are you listening Marci?