Bob and Ray's Story of Linda Lovely and the Fleebus

by Bob & Ray and Michael J. Smollin, 1960

R: Good gravy! Is this a children's book? The language... so urbane and learned. More like a radio routine.
B: What?
R: I said the text... atypical for a children's book... closer to radio.
B: That's not what you said before.


R: Will children truly appreciate its drier-than-dry wit?
B: What?
R: I say, kids, will they like it? I mean apart from the bits about peanut butter?
B: That's not what you said before.

R: How about these illustrations? Michael Smollin... didn't he illustrate the classic, The Monster at the End of This Book and work on some of those Bert and Harry cartoons?
B: Bert and who?
R: Oh why don't you dry up.

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