by Roger Duvoisin, 1950

This is a good example of how life SHOULD work. It never does because everyone is dumb and doesn't listen when I, uh, people say how smart they are and how they should be the boss.

Petunia is smart. She has a book!

She starts telling people what to do and solving all their problems. They believe her because, well, she has a book. It only stands to reason.

I guess it's a book called AMATEUR DENTIST, because she suggests pulling all the horses teeth. The horse runs away. Stupid horse! Don’t you see the book?

Then some other stuff happens.

The best is when she convinces the animals to eat fireworks. She is very smart.

Then she learns a lesson or something. We pretty much stopped reading here.
WHY CHILDREN WILL LIKE IT: Class C explosives. Really, really smart ducks who you can learn from.