I Want to Be a Mechanic

by Carla Greene and Mary Gehr, 1959

"It's a beautiful day," said Mother. "Can we go on a picnic?" asked Jack.
Not if Father has anything to do with it.

Boy, Father really likes to talk about machines.

Wheels, levers, poles, carts. . .

windmills, old mills. We get it Dad, you like machines.
"On the way home"?! What happened to the picnic? We feel the author is missing a really great opportunity to get away from machines for a few pages here.

Now Dad is trying to distract us from the missed picnic with even more wheel and lever talk.

One Day Jack said, "I want to be a mechanic."
"You will make a good mechanic some day," said Mr. Tom.
Right, but it's no picnic.

Turns out the book is nothing more than propaganda for the working masses. No wonder it's so red.