Yum, Yum, Yum

Andy Warhol, 1996

This is the only title we’ve come across by Mr. Warhol and it’s really no surprise. Despite the promising title, the book ignores fundamental rules of children’s books.

This spread reads, “When I see cold shellfish – like shrimp and clams – that says to me that somebody went all out."

Broken Children’s Book Making Rule Number 1: Know your audience. Shrimp and clams? Kids hate that stuff!

Try this: “When I see a pile of chicken nuggets, or a tube of some kind of sickly sweet goo with a colorful licensed character on it, I get excited, because those are the types of things I like.”

This one says. “They didn't even notice the cake.”

Broken Children’s Book Making Rule Number 2: Don’t lie. They always notice the cake.

Try this: “Hey look! Cake! Oh, you saw it already, great.”

Oh man, this is a big one. This reads, “Tab™ is Tab™ and no matter how rich you are, you can’t get a better one.”

Do we even have to point this out?

Broken Children’s Book Making Rule Number 3: Don’t mention Tab™.

Hey Andy, hope you hate pants. Why? Because yours are about to be sued off by the Coca-Cola Company. A bit of advice, you will get no where in your career by appropriating pop culture icons like Tab™. You're just asking for trouble.

Now, you seem to have a bit of artistic ability, don’t let this failure deter you from trying again. By now you probably have a nice safe day job, but keep drawing. If nothing else it’s a worthwhile hobby! Not everyone is meant to be famous, after all.

You’re welcome.

WHY CHILDREN WILL LIKE IT: It has pictures of ice cream, just ignore the words.