The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily

by Dino Buzzati, 1945


Dino Buzzati was an acclaimed author, accomplished poet, and amateurish artist who put all his skills to best effect in La famosa invasione degli orsi in Sicilia (The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily is its arhythmically-rendered English title).  The illustrations that accompany Buzzati's surrealistic tale prove you don't have to know how to draw to masterfully tell a story in pictures.  If imperfection bothers you don't pick up this book--it's the shaggy work of a creator who'll dare try anything.

Reading The Little Prince, you may feel like you are in the company of an author who can elevate you to the heavens.  With La famosa invasione, you ride shotgun to a man who would come over to your house, drink all your liquor, burn your house down with his cigarette, and still manage to convince you how lovely a waltz the flames were dancing.
–– John Bemelmans Marciano