Big Rabbit's Bad Mood

by Ramona Badescu and Delphine Durand, 2007

This is a very big rabbit with a very bad mood.

There it is on the sofa. The jerk.

The rabbit tries to get rid of the bad mood, but nothing works.
The bad mood keeps touching his stuff.

Rabbits friends drop by and they are all nicely designed.

Then they stuff themselves into his little house. It looks like a lot of fun.
I wish I lived there. Or had a summer house. Or a week long rental. In the off season because it's less expensive. It's still pretty I bet.
WHY KIDS WILL LIKE IT: The bad mood is a jerk, nice colors.
WHY GROWN UPS WON'T: Maybe they're in a bad mood themselves. Who knows with grown ups, they're always bent out of shape about something.